What A Great Year We Had!


It is with tremendous excitement that we begin another wonderful year with great friends, great music and great purpose. For more than 50 years the Guild has served as advocates for music education and appreciation in our community because we have witnessed how Music Education Transforms Lives, which is our theme for 2016-2017.  A primary focus for 2016-2017 will be on Community Outreach and Collaboration. The numerous fun events scheduled throughout the year are planned to engage both men and women and provide an opportunity to convey the importance of music education.

If you haven't renewed your Greensboro Symphony Guild membership, you can do that at any time during the year.  This year our goal is to recruit and renew both women and men members. To show your support for this effort, please consider joining or renewing under “Couple’s Membership” if you have a spouse or significant other. A Couple’s Membership does not require an additional GSO Season ticket purchase for the spouse or significant other.   We are off to a great year this year, with three events behind us.  We had a wonderful social at Gia's on September 13th and our first Guild luncheon of the year on September 14th.  We love sharing photos of our activities, so check the links in Past Events!  Here's one set of photos we uploaded to our share site at Shutterfly - the Guild sponsorship of the September, 2016 Greensboro Symphony Masterworks Concert - https://symphonyguildevents.shutterfly.com/2169

Co-Chairs Betsy Craft and Linda Hiatt, who were co-chairs for  Feast & Follies, on September 24, 2016 at the new Lebauer Park, did a fabulous job for us!!  Check out our photos on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Greensboro-Symphony-Guild-130215420358386/

The year will also include a variety of affordable Musicale Socials that are planned to showcase music, engage both men and women in our community, and most importantly, raise funds for music education:  

Swaying to the Music on November 12, 2016 at Fred Astaire Dance Studios was co-chaired by Lindsey Goodstat and Kim Littrell, along with Honorary Chair Carolyn Woodruff.  Guests enjoyed a dance performance by Carolyn Woodruff and her partner, Alosha Anatoliy, light fare and cocktails, a raffle for dance instruction packages, and learned the basics for the Waltz and Swing Dancing.  We posted some great photos to our Shutterfly share site - https://symphonyguildevents.shutterfly.com/1848.

 An Elevated Evening - A Tasting of Wine, Beer and Art, on February 4, 2017 at Roy and Vanessa Carroll’s Center Point Gold Ballroom was co-chaired by Mitzi Weatherly, Brenda Glenn, Gayle Koonce and Brenda Frizzell.  Guests enjoyed a performance by the GSYO Honors Ensemble, learned how to pair wine and food and made bids on art donated by local artists and Guild members.  We have some great photos of the evening -https://symphonyguildevents.shutterfly.com/2375

Let's Get Shamrocked - Friday, March 17, 2017 at the Greensboro Historical Museum was co-chaired by Ashley and John Nosek, Kim and John Riley, and Laura Smith. Guests enjoyed delicious food, green beer and Irish tunes performed by bagpipers and Guild Member Betsy Craft and her fabulous band!  Take a peek at our Shutterfly Share Site for some terrific photos -  https://symphonyguildevents.shutterfly.com/2672

Love & Music Tennis Tournament took place on Thursday, May 4, 2017 at the Starmount Forest Country Club and was co-chaired by Brenda Macfadden and Sherri Hill. Participants enjoyed this fun tennis tournament, luncheon and fashion show. Take a look at the GREAT photos of the event on Shutterfly - https://symphonyguildevents.shutterfly.com/4352 or by checking our our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/pg/Greensboro-Symphony-Guild-130215420358386/ph....

 (You can download the full calendar here.)

Due to its great success, the Annual Education Campaign was continued this year.  The Guild’s Executive Committee directs these funds to students with unmet needs for music instruction and learning. In its first year, the campaign funded 25 music scholarships and a third High School Partnership!  We received great participation from our Guild members.  Check out the January-February Guild Horn for more details.

As we hand off the year to President Linda Hiatt and her extremely talented executive team, we say thanks to each and every one of you for a job wel-done this year.


Sharon Kasica, Symphony Guild Past- President